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[AOS]UO Skyhold. Dedicated Europen hosting. Daily auto PvP/PvM events, great staff,Balanced PvP and PvM system, Auto Acc, Patch server is in beta-testing. Come and Join Us! Ultima Online Skyhold I would like to present a new project of Ultima Online, based on Age of Shadows. The server is in beta-testing. We offer really great scripted server. In addition every day auto event, and many other diversions. Moreover, in Europe we have great pings and also to more distant continents. Enjoy! Ping - locations worldwide (Europe) Roubaix, France - 8.9 (avg) Dusseldorf, Germany - 55.5 (avg) London, GB - 8.9 (avg) Milan, Italy - 16.2 (avg) Constanta, Romania - 40.1 (avg) Barcelona, Spain - 34.8 (avg) Lausanne, Switzerland - 24.1 (avg) Istanbul, Turkey - 41.4 (avg) Kharkiv, Ukraine - 52.8 (avg) Language: English Site: http://www.skyhold.eu Host: login.skyhold.eu Port: 2593



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