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[Server Details] Dedicated Server - 500+ player capability. Enterprise Hardware. - E5-1650 Proc (12 cores @ 3.5Ghz) - 16G ECC RAM - 4x 146G 10K SAS Drives RAID10 - Business Internet - Static IP - 200M Down / 20M Up - Dallas, Texas - Created 5/7/17. [End] Thank you for spending your time to take a look at us. We are a brand new UO Dedicated server sporting a vanilla world using all expansions, including Time of Legends. We run a pretty dynamic world, because we adjust our system accordingly to our players general consensus. Currently, this is our setup at the moment: Number of Accounts Allowed 5 Houses per Account: 1 Stat Cap: 225 Skill Cap: 700 Stat and Skill Progression: Normal We also sport Hardware that is up to par with most of the larger worlds out there. Specs: Xeon E5-1650 (12 procs w/hyper-threading @ 3.5Ghz) 16G ECC Memory 4 - 146G 10K RPM SAS Drives set RAID 10 Static IP/URL - 200M Down / 20M up All privately owned. This means, there is no cost to the upkeep and production of our server. This means that our community never has to worry about it getting shut down due to costs , etc. This also means that you will never see a donation link on our site nor will the be any marathons to try to get money from our playerbase. Ascension UO was created on 5/7/2017, and we are looking for new players and staff alike. If you would like to be one of the first layers to make their mark on a server, now is the perfect time for you to take that step and be one of the first pioneers into an untouched world. With the stability and horsepower found in only a few other server, this place has the potential to become something great. You can connect to it by using this URL: Thank you for your time and hope to see everyone soon, StilleVande



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